The Many Types of Flat Roofs for Residences


You should know that every flat roof is not the same. There are a lot of homeowners who are really shocked to know that there four different types of flat roofs available. Moreover, the prices of these flat roofs are similar and there are a range of benefits which are offered by the many kinds of roofs. If you are planning to install a new roof such as this for your home, then you need to carefully consider the many options which you have. Also, it is quite important that you would discuss them with those experts or such roofing company so that you can know them really well.

There are those built-up Shingle Roofing Staten Island systems which are quite common types of flat roofs and they also come with such traditional or conventional roof of hat tar as well as gravel. Also they would feature at least three lawyers of such waterproof material with gravel and tar in between each layer. These types of roos are a lot cheaper and you can also benefit from such improved technology that would make them a lot stronger. Some of the very best benefits of such built-up roofs is that they offer great protection from fire because the gravel is an excellent fire retardant.

Another kind is the modified bitumen system. Such type of roofing was actually first developed in Europe in 1970 and such was an alternative roofing to such low performance asphalt system. Such kind of flat roofing system is often single-ply rolled roofing system that is similar with such ice-and-water shields however they come with such mineral-based wear surface. You must be aware that there are a couple of subtypes of such modified bitumen roof that are the peel-and-stick as well as the torch-down systems.

You should also know that the rubber membrane systems are known to be a lot costlier than the two roofing systems described. You must also know that such rubber membrane roofs have such durable construction that is made from rubber. Such are actually engineered to have such ability to resist sunlight damage. Such rubber membrane roofs are usually anchored with those fasteners which may be ballasted with stone or such may be glued. Click For More!

Those rubber membrane roofs are much easier to install and you can also use a light material too. The roofing systems are very resistant to damage from such tears or the scratches and they aren't difficult to patch. But, such black material of the roofs would tend to absorb heat so they must have light-colored coating in order to minimize energy costs. However, the coating may add around thirty percent to the roof's cost.